Superscore ❓: How do you superscore the #ACT? 🗣️: Gather all your ACT score reports, identify your highest score from each test section/subject, then add those four scores together, divide by four, and round to the nearest whole number. bit.ly/35qzW7o Retweeted by CAHSmic Pegasus

We’re so proud of our CGA Scholars (and alumni) who participated in this morning’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Oratorical Contest! 💛 Retweeted by CAHSmic Pegasus

Since I regularly forget to hype events here until the eve of, consider this your warning: THE DAD BAND RETURNS for a @cahsmicpower fundraiser 12/20 @ Rambling House, 6-8 pm. AVOID AVOID AVOID unless you have a thing for dads playing weird covers, in which case, come join us! Retweeted by CAHSmic Pegasus

Deadline to apply for the Columbus Youth Council has been extended to December 13th! @ColumbusCouncil @ColsCitySchools Retweeted by CAHSmic Pegasus