Parents & Students

As a CAHS student, or the parent or guardian of a CAHS student, you will share responsibility for your success.  A CAHSmic scholar will spend several hours nightly to read, solve, answer, review, and prepare for the next day.  We have resources, like infinite campus, to help students and parents monitor and adjust performance.

Infinite Campus

Parents and Students can access school information, including grades ad attendance, by using the infinite campus portals.

Student Portal

Parent Portal


Study Skills and Time Management

Many students find themselves at a loss for HOW to study and HOW to schedule their day so they can complete all their work and still love their school.  The following are some links to provide students with study strategies and time management methods.  Each person is different, so remember what works for a friend may not work for you.

Vark:  Helps identify how you learn best, and then provides specific study strategies that play to your strengths.

StudyGS:  Provides a wealth of studying, organization, and time management information in 39 languages.

Managing Stress:  A very simple and straightforward list of 7 things to help manage your stress levels.

UBC Anxiety Strategies:  Details multiple ways to identify and deal with stress and anxiety effectively.  Hint: meditate.



11th and 12th grade students attend internship on Wednesdays from Octobers through April.  Information about the internship program can be found on our internship webpage.

Internship Web Resource



There are often opportunities and resources for CAHS students available through our guidance counselors.  Counselors may be contacted by calling the office, or using the emails below.

The 9-10th grade counselor is Mr. Milligan.  He may be reached at

The 11-12th grade counselor is Mrs. Bing.  She may be reached at

Additionally, guidance info can be viewed at Mr. Milligan’s website.

Guidance Web Resource


Transcript & Information Requests

In an effort to provide better and more secure service for our students, all student records requests including graduation verifications, transcripts, immunization records, or the complete student record must be made online using our online student record request system.

Fax, phone calls and mail will no longer be accepted.

Please use the following link to access our online student records request system: