About CAHS

CAHS is an alternative to traditional high schools.  CAHS does not offer sports (students may play for their home school), and CAHS accelerates all students in our quest for excellence.  All students complete a rigorous humanities program, and all students take Biology (and some also take Chemistry) as a 9th grader.  We offer multiple AP courses, as well as the IB Diploma Program, to provide college level coursework.  Our test scores and expectations are high, and we pride ourselves on being a safe and accepting school.

CAHS began as a half-day alternative school in 1978 with roughly 100 students enrolled.  In 1980, amid increased enrollment and funding, it increased to a full-time high school as it remains today.

CAHS is an “alternative” school, enrolling students using a lottery instead of from a specific neighborhood.  This means that to be enrolled, you must apply for, and be selected through, a lottery system conducted by Columbus City Schools.

CAHS also has a strong and successful focus on academics, and does not have any sports programs (students may be on their home school sports teams).  We have very successful AP and IB programs provided to our student body of 750-800 students.  Students take a comprehensive Humanities program in the 9th grade and have access to a Bio-Chem class in science to help them adjust to high expectations and have opportunities for high level classes during sophomore year.

For interested parents, we do host school tours and information sessions so parents and students can get additional information to help them make the best decision for their future.  Please call the office at 614-365-6006 for more information.