CAHS is a magnet school dedicated to academic success.  We work tirelessly to provide all our students with a rigorous education.  We have successful AP and IB programs, as well as high state test scores.


Our school and our students are recognized by colleges as being exceptionally rigorous and capable. We regularly have kids going to, and being successful at, some of the best universities in the world.


Freshmen can take Bio & Chem, plus a rigorous Humanities program. We offer AP courses, and the IB Diploma Program. Few schools offer students the chance to take college level coursework as quickly, or with as many options.


CAHS has won the “School of Promise” award in Ohio 5 times, and is consistently ranked among the top schools in Ohio. Our standardized test scores consistently outperform the state average, and all other CCS schools.

AP & IB Courses
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